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Dr. Hugues Bellevue


 Dr. Hugues Bellevue


For the past 30 years Dr. Hugues Bellevue M.D, PhD has treated and controlled cases of degenerative disease. Dr. Bellevue has worked with even the most difficult cases where the conventional practitioners have given up hope. He has used treatments  that he actually learned under the tutelage of Dr. Harold Manner PhD; one of the first alternative practitioners in Mexico and founder of the Manner Clinic where Dr. Bellevue was vice Medical Director prior to opening Bella Vista Hospital(former Saint Marc Hospital). Dr. Bellevue in fact, combines this with the philosophy and treatment protocols of German researcher Dr. Otto Warburg M.D a 2 time Nobel Prize laureate.

Dr. Bellevue is also a reputed clinician and researcher himself who has been recognized internationally as a distinguished physician. Dr. Bellevue is currently an active member and vice-president of the Biology Department in the Mexican National Academy of Traditional Medicine. He has lectured around the world on such subjects as “The Scientific Advances in Live Cell Therapy”, The Care of Terminal Cancer Patients “and on “Chelation and Metabolic Therapy”. He continues to accumulate knowledge and experience on superior non-toxic treatments for all cancers as well as other acute and chronic degenerative diseases. Dr.Bellevues uses   therapies that are primerily designed to attack pathological cells while sparing normal tissues, and as well  utilizes the finest authentic natural products. Those factors  cause his success rate higher than that published by any individual or institution.  Dr. Bellevue’s ultimate goal is to offer his patients an alternative in achieving optimal health and a happier more rewarding life. His relationship to his patients is enriching educational healing experience that signals a new beginning filled with hope.

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